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International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam

Nashville Film Festival

London Australian Film Festival

Norwegian Documentary Festival

Zagreb Dox International Documentary Film Festival


"Absorbing first-person doc with commercial potential, "Bruce & Me" speaks a universal language while focused on the specifics of a unique father-daughter relationship. Siedler's efforts to reunite with (or at least comprehend) her unrepentantly roguish father, a career con man and white-collar criminal, should fascinate anyone who has ever lunged at the real or perceived chance to make things right with a distant parent. "Bruce & Me" sustains a satisfying mix of deadpan humor, heartfelt emotion and wistful amazement as it charts a circuitous journey toward understanding."
Joe Leydon - Variety

" a pleasantly quirky doc"
Jim Ridley - Nashville Scene

" The legendary Al Maysles, cinematographer for "Gimme Shelter" and maker of dozens of independent documentary films, was in the audience. He and I both loved the film, and I raised my hand to tell the director, Oren Siedler, how much it reminded me of my own mad youth. And then Maysles, a little white-haired 75-year-old man hugged me. He identified with my comments. Would that have happened at Sundance?"
Francine Hardaway at IDFA

"Outstandingly excellent!..."
Albert Maysles at International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam

" Bruce & Me had moviegoers talking about the conventions and approaches to documenting one's own experiences"
Eugene Hernandez - Indiewire @ IDFA

“Odd, quirky and sometimes disturbing”
Jim Bawden – The Toronto Star

“Bruce & Me deserves a wider audience than it’s likely to get on the Life Network… …”a soul-searcher”… “a toughand tender treatise on the strength of familial ties”
Henrietta Walmark – The Globe & Mail

“Bruce & Me is reminiscent of a 1970’s road picture – like Five Easy Pieces 25 years later”
Brian Gorman – The Toronto Sun

“filmmaker Oren Siedler has come up with a remarkably candid study of herself, parts of which will resonate with the inner child that lurks in us all”
James Wegg – Jamesweggreview.org

“ Funny… Moving…”
The Calgary Herald

" a scintillating film"
Independent Cinema Organization (UK)

" This style of filmmaking is not for the faint-hearted"
Barbara Karpinski - filmmaker, writer

“a delightful, touching film about coming to terms with where we come from—and how we learn to deal with it"
Nashville Film Festival

“There’s a pervasive sadness here, and it’s captured in gripping fashion. Highly recommended”
Alan Bostick – The Tennessean

“an adventure well worth taking”
Kim Linekin – Eye Weekly